Niaga DNA

NIAGA DNA, or if you read upside down AGAIN AND, is a 6.5-day collective jumping choreography for La place du village.

“As a musician / question mark, day after day, over the years, I was repeating again & niaga the same patterns, I was developing the key to open all doors simultaneously: falling / flying into the immense abyss of trance, mixed with power and ultra-concentration. It is what the people sometimes call Niagara.”

K&A invite those who pass by La place du village, the meeting point of the city, to join in a smiling collective effort. K&A developed for NIAGA DNA an application that uses geolocation to include the architecture of the Plaza in a jumping board game. The app contains the DNA of the city, built on the story of 47 lives that crossed the Plaza.

“As a body everyone is single, as a soul never.”
– Hermann Hesse

The story, translated into a binary code (a chain of 0 & 1), is made to be jumpable: Right is 0/Left is 1. In the performance, the public uses this app to become the performer and the viewer, the scenography, the past and the present, and the future. At the end, each becomes the guardian of a small part of NIAGA DNA’s collective memory, by getting the translation of the specific part that was jumped. K&A invite the whole city to connect to each other.

On the border of dance, literature, technology, and endurance, remembering the magnet of the feet – that have carried ancient rituals for centuries – NIAGA DNA expands its roots on the Plaza to include all in one.

Created for the city, in the city, by the citizens: AGAIN AND.

Co-conceptors, Performers – Alexandra Bellon, Karla Isidorou;
Animators – Freek van Zonsbeek, Katerina Panagiotopoulou;
Technical Design – Antoine Hordez;
Graphic Design – Mathilde Wingering


Country/Region Switzerland

Artists K & A

07 06 2019 10:00
Where Plaza