Daily Group Actions: Journeys of Presence and Absence through the Prague Exhibition Grounds

Utilizing red coveralls, as both costume and prop, three dance artists, working in collaboration, Jordan Fuchs and kNOwBOX dance (YeaJean Choi and Martheya Nygaard) will journey through the space of the Prague Exhibition Grounds in a series of daily 90-minute accumulating group actions exploring patterns of presence and absence. Each day's group actions will build on the knowledge, experiences, and intersections garnered in the previous days. No two group actions will be the same. Exploring the legibility of the human form and relationship at a distance, these explorations will utilize the bright red color of the coveralls as prop and costume to enhance our visibility and to amplify our actions through artificially increasing their numbers. The pattern of presence and absence will mark our explorations. We will multiply our numbers by holding red coveralls between us, like a chain of paper doll cut-outs; or we will place and replace the coveralls, empty of human forms, on a journey from one end of the plaza to the other - a durational action, suggesting through the absence of people, a ritual of remembrance, futility, and resistance. We will expect the unexpected: intersections, alignments, and coincidences with the public, other artists, and too the weather that could not be preconceived. We are intrigued to see how our aesthetic intentions are elaborated upon through their actual manifestation.

07 06 2019 10:30 Plaza
Continues 08 – 09, 11, 13 06 2019

Choreographer/Performer: Jordan Fuchs
Choreographer/Performer: YeaJean Choi
Choreographer/Performer: Martheya Nygaard
Composer: Andy Russ

Country/Region USA, Republic of Korea

Presenting Organization kNOwBOX Dance

Artists Jordan Fuchs

07 06 2019 10:30
Where Plaza