Plaza Records

BridgePain is a performance group consisting of Ale Mendez (CRI), Hazel Barstow (NO), Klara Krämer (DE), Marie de Testa (MX/US) and Maret Tamme (EE). BP was born 2015 parallel to our studies at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, as a space to process the philosophical approaches to scenography through the act of doing rather than thinking. Our work is not about bringing ideas into harmony, but about letting them collide and spark. BP is based on trust in “the other” and each other, and relies on the freedom we give one another. What takes place is often surprising. Actually! The element of surprise is central to us. We always want to surprise - somehow, with whatever means are at hand. Our work is not fixed to any aesthetics or genre. We are not trying to fully understand scenography but explore its borders. We go and peek in every door, perform, scratch our own heads and yours, and go on again. Works by BP include Architecture in Nature (2015) and Now Presenting…(2016) at NTA, A Collaboration with an Installation (2016) at The House and The Lights Festival in Fredrikstad, Autocad Pop (2016) at Dragen Karaoke Bar and Residency in someone elses atelier (2017) in Oslo. The idea of PLAZA RECORDS is to approach 6 artworks, events, or situations at PQ and create short "tributes" performed impromptu at the Plaza. In the end of the festival we will to collect these single events to give a final performative concert. How does documenting in itself become a performative act? What kind of work will we create from inventing alternative tools of documenting?

Performance starts at 8:00 on June 7 and continues on June 8.

Co-Creator: Alejandra Mendez Ramírez
Co-Creator: Hazel Barstow
Co-Creator: Klara Krämer
Co-Creator: Maret Tamme
Co-Creator: Marie de Testa

Country/Region Estonia, Costa Rica, Germany, Mexico, Norway, USA

Presenting Organization Bridgepain

07 06 2019 08:00
Where Plaza