Alice in Wonderland

The character of Alice in Lewis Carroll's book inspired me to create costumes – performative objects, designed for movement. In my work, the costume becomes a tool for visualizing the mind state of the main character, which has a direct influence on her body. I show the relationships between emotions and the body. Alice reacts to situations, she can adapt to the environment, or not. From a physical point of view, Alice's body is flexible, it can stretch, shrink and return to its proper size. Stretching the costume provokes a game of the human scale with space. It shows proportions or disproportions. Mentally, Alice is still in between: either too small or too big for certain situations.

The work is a continuation of my dialogue with Olga Kebas, who performed the costume in a dance. At first, Olga was the only performer, who played the other characters and was subjected to constant attempts at “matching”. The costume also helped me to visualize the separation of the sphere of the mind – the head – from the physicality of the body. The performer enters the costume by putting his head through it. It is a symbolic moment of entering a new world, a new story, a world of dreams and imagination.

Costumes and Art Concept – Małgorzata Zelek;
Movement – Olga Kebas;
Film Editing – Grzegorz Bożek


Country/Region Poland

Artists Małgorzata Zelek

14 06 2019 10:15
Where PEG 11

15 06 2019 15:00
Where PEG 11