The Hole

Come dig with us. The Hole is a durational interactive performance and installation and an experiment in labour. The absurdity of digging a hole only to replace the dirt again, which means working towards something that in purely practical terms is “useless”, acts as an allegorical means to explore the value of “work” in contemporary culture.

A collective of artists invites you to move dirt manually with a shovel and sweat to reveal an opening into the earth. An ever-evolving sculpture and exercise in negative space. The aim of The Hole is to gather a temporary micro-community around a central unifying mission, even if that mission appears absurd. In this way, The Hole is an ephemeral experience shared between participants, observers and artists. The hole is not to be dug to extract anything valuable from the earth, but to encourage new social relationships through the very simple, physical task of digging.

It is at once an artwork, a form of community consultation, a piece of improvised choreography, a work-out session and a waste of time. It is simultaneously an act of play and an act of work, exploring what happens when the two are reconciled together.

The Hole culminates in a ceremonial re-filling, where we bury the remains of the project deep down in the ground, leaving no trace.

The project has been created by a collective of six interdisciplinary and experimental live-artists based across Australia and Canada with support from The Australia Council from the Arts and Creative Victoria.

Producer, Performer – Bron Batten;
Architectural Designer, Performer – Lisa Hirmer;
Director, Performer – Tessa Leong;
Designer, Performer – Natalie Purschwitz;
Choreographer, Performer – Sete Tele;
Creator, Performer – Malcolm Whittaker

Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria


Country/Region Australia, Canada

Artists The Hole Collective

13 06 2019 14:00—20:00
Where PEG 12

14 06 2019 14:00—20:00
Where PEG 12

15 06 2019 14:00—20:00
Where PEG 12