MORPHOMEN - Human Archetypes

Performers wrapped in elastic textile give breath to colorful abstractions called morphomen. These archetypal incarnations of the human soul summon peacetime and war which have alternated from time to time over the centuries in Stromovka park.

In peacetime two characters interact: the blue melancholic one represents adulthood while the sanguine orange one represents childhood. The blue costume is a long tube with two balls on both ends, the performer is placed in the middle. One of the balls represents consciousness and the ball at the end of the tail symbolises remembrance. The orange costume is a short piece of elastic textile tube in which the performer is positioned transversely and the costume makes it impossible to straighten up so this character always takes on a grotesque shape. A unique possibility where the sanguine can be born from the melancholic.

During the fight, the red choleric character appears and seems energetic, disciplined but a part of its gestural language is struggle and pain. The puppeteer is inside one side of the costume’s long tube while the other side contains a stick. A variety of living sculptures can be formed this way corresponding to different aspects of a warrior.

The black phlegmatic morphoman stands for old and wise people who have learned the lesson of resignation. It has a long black tail. This character does not change its shape, it just walks forward slowly. Finally, it reaches the state of grace and the most simple white archetype is born.

Performers – Diána Bodócs, Zsófia Bérczi;
Sound – Barnabás Tankó;
Gestures – creation processes of Living Picture Theater’s productions with morpho-characters;
Scenography and Choreography – Zsófia Bérczi;
Directing – Zsófia Bérczi


Country/Region Hungary

Artists Living Picture Theater

12 06 2019 10:15
Where PEG 14

13 06 2019 17:45
Where PEG 14

14 06 2019 10:15
Where PEG 14