The Hunt er/ed

“Freedom is nothing but the distance between the hunter and the hunted.”
– Zhào Zhènkāi

The history of Stromovka park, specifically the history of the space as a hunting ground (first used by King Premysl Otakar II in 1268) becomes a source of inspiration. The Royal Deer Park was a space reserved for the nobility to hunt. Hunting by peasants was strictly prohibited and punished. The animals would be specifically bred, in order to be hunted by aristocracy.

Beyond the historical facts, PARAVAN Theatre Company looks into the social and political power significations of “hunting” as a ritual meant for the people of the time and how today we can use this ritual as a metaphor, an allegory, to talk about shifts of power between the “hunters” and the “hunted", the predators and prey.

A stylised ritual of hunting, invites the audience to experience the shift of power as hunters become hunted and vice versa. Elaborate costumes and large animal masks with horns take the form of a hunting procession. Light within the costumes brings to life the physicality of the performer and becomes a visual manifestation of animal movement.

The performers are interpreting hunting scenes and royalty marches, inspired by European 15th–17th century painting as they march through the Prague Exhibition Grounds.

Melita Couta, Harris Kafkarides, Pascal Caron,
George Stefanakidis, Evelyna Arapidis, Aristi Spyrou


Country/Region Cyprus

Artists Paravan

11 06 2019 21:30—22:30
Where PEG 8