The Strangers, Republic of Korea The theatre-game starts from a text message through a mobile application. The message sender is a 17-year-old girl called Bahn, a second-generation immigrant. She asks audiences for help to find her way. Through her messages, she indicates the places she has passed and gradually reveals her hidden identity. The places and milestones are related to Bahn’s personal memories and experiences and she gets younger as the audience passes by each spot.

Originally, Bahn represents the story of a unique group of migrants that only exists in South Korea, North Korean immigrants. They are the same ethnic group and speak the same language and share traditions and history in slightly different ways. Therefore, they can be absorbed into the society easier and quicker than other immigrants, especially younger generations. They would not be distinguished once they fix their accents unless they confess they are from the north. However, they tend to experience a certain period of confusion, and key stages of adjustment in the new environment until they complete their mental settlement. Bahn traces her story from present to the past to the moment she first arrived in South Korea.

The features of streets in Prague are interweaved into the story of Bahn.

Director and Writer – Eunju Hitchcock-Yoo;
Producer – Jae Yong Kim;
Scenographer – Hyerim Kim;
Dramaturg – Sung-ah Cho;
Production Team – Bomi Choi, Eedo Kim;
Sound Designer – Hyosun Cha;
Choreographer – Esl Kim;
App Design – Eunju Hitchcock-Yoo;
App Developer – BIEN Studio;
Graphic Design – OSC Studio


Country/Region Republic of Korea

Artists The Strangers

11 06 2019 18:00
Where PEG 5

12 06 2019 18:00
Where PEG 5