Infinite Dune

The Infinite Dune is an installation piece which approaches culture and design through a personal experience, while connecting with its surroundings. Outside the exciting world is mirrored back, while inside a different vision is shown. An infinite dune, a shoreless desert, where one can observe collective solitude with other spectators.

The installation seems open and welcoming through the open space downstairs and the mirrored surfaces. In reality it is a closed and isolated being, completely unaware of what’s outside. In fact, ignoring the outside world like an ostrich, digging its head into the sand, hiding from reality.

Juli Balázs, András Juhász, Eszter Kálmán, Gábor Keresztes and Fruzsina Nagy are prominent designers of the Hungarian theatrical scene, in all disciplines: set, costume, video and sound. They all have been working with each other separately for several years, but they team up for the first time to be part of the Prague Quadrennial.

Country/Region Hungary

Presenting Organization Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute of Petőfi Literature Museum

Curator Attila Szabó

Artists Juli Balázs, András Juhász, Eszter Kálmán, Gábor Keresztes, Fruzsina Nagy

photo (c) András Juhász