by Mushrooms

This is a performance with no performers, whilst everyone is performing.

By Mushrooms tests the boundaries of the viewer and the viewed. It embraces the context of the mundane and transcends it into a spectacle by portraying a surreal image of mushrooms sitting on human bodies. It requires neither a stage nor a rehearsal; the project walks the audience back into their daily life and celebrates its performativity.

On site, the audience are invited to wear a mushroom mask and through wireless headphones, listen to a live-fed audio during the piece. The live broadcast narrates the story of existence. It is a guided journey taking the mushrooms through the tunnel of history. Travelling from place to place, the mushroom ensemble intervenes on the reality in a mysterious way. They interact harmoniously with the passer-by in their own trance.

There is no factor dictating how the performance evolves: the act can only be realized through the participant’s reaction to the audio and their perception of the surroundings. Inside the mushroom head, it’s a shelter isolating you from the mundane world… you are the viewer per se… the performance is the journey you walk… the scenery you see… and the voice you hear…

There is no fake in this case; only a thin mesh exchanges the perspective from behind the mask: the past.... the present... the viewer… the viewed… site-specific… site-generic… This is a performance that redefines boundaries, using the reality as a stage: the buildings and landscape are our scenery; our presence is the performance.

Lead Artist – Yao Liao;
Sound Artist – Victor Amé Navarro;
Music Artist – Gabriel Houx;
Voiceover – Margaret Perry;
Former Collaborator – Jorge Hernández-Smith;
Co-producer – Manon Santi;
Technical Consultant – Bernd Fauler;
Angie Wang, Chen Lin, Dannielle Hodson, Howl Yuan, Itay Novic, Lucia Mussini, Manon Santi, Merten Lagatz, Sam Reynolds, Shih-Han Chieng, Sky Li, Lin Zongxian, Zhang Yuting, Yi Yang


Country/Region Taiwan

Artists Yao Liao

11 06 2019 15:00
Where PEG 5

12 06 2019 11:45
Where PEG 5

13 06 2019 10:15
Where PEG 5

14 06 2019 13:45
Where PEG 5