Dictionary of Chaos: Addendum

Taiwan-based company Against-Again Troupe creates performance works ranging from theatre, musical performances, to exhibitions and small-scale performance festivals. Major works lie in the field of site-specific theatre, music theatre, and performance poetry, implementing objects, sound, and multimedia to create non-narrative performance pieces.

Dictionary of Chaos: Addendum is a collection of performances inspired by Le Moulin Poetry Society, a group of writers who introduced surrealism into Taiwan during the Japanese colonial rule. They wrote in Japanese and thus became a somewhat obscure area of literary study post-WWII. This work conducts a series of dialogues with the early modern avant-garde poets and artists of Taiwan as we come face to face with the dark marsh of Taiwan’s colonial history. The performance composed of interrelated episodes created by artists of various backgrounds such as musicians, actors, and dancers in correspondence to the creative spirit of surrealist “cadavre exquis” and modernist collage. The audience is led through different performance sites.

The narrative is structured as a dictionary, each segment an interpretation of a key phrase that examines the creation of art under oppression as well as the imperialist context in which modernist ideas are spread through Asia. For the performance at PQ, key phrases include among others “gaze”, “dissipation”, “meaning”, and “Greater East Asia”. The performance looks for the deep and irrational truth in the fragments of Taiwanese history.

Co-directors, Sound Designers – Snow Huang, Tao Chiang;
Performer, Choreographer – Hata Kanoko;
Performer, Production Manager – Ting-Wei Huang;
Performers – Wei-Lien Wang, Yarou Chen;
Technical Director – Yenting Tseng


Country/Region Taiwan

Artists Against-Again Troupe

10 06 2019 16:15
Where PEG 1

11 06 2019 16:15
Where PEG 1