The concept of ENGI-MON is to incorporate Japanese traditional dance, called “Bon-dance” into the public art performance. It has been believed in Japan that each year during "Bon", the ancestors' spirits return to this world, to visit their relatives. “Bon-dance” is still widely performed by every generation during this event in a variety of forms. For this project, we interpret “Bon-dance” as a way of communication, and recreate it in a more contemporary and borderless form, so that everyone who joins our “Bondance” can experience the Japanese tradition through their body, and be connected to each other.

Our new interpretation of “Bon-dance”, which is titled ENGI-MON, is a parade style performance piece featuring the collective of musicians, Junmakidou, who revive Japan's old style marching performance “Chindon”, the original costume characters of Bodhidharma which is traditionally loved by the Japanese as a talisman, and Butoh dancer Dai Matsuoka and contemporary ballet dancer Sato Oikawa. ENGI-MON invites local people to be part of the piece, and some parts of choreography are made on site in a way that the locals can joint easily and feel intimate with the movements.

We would like to bring this project to PQ and share it in an open environment with as many local people as possible, so that they can get a sense of how Japanese people have commemorated their ancestors’ spirits through the performing arts, and how it can be related to the history and culture of Prague.

Director – Daijiro Kawakami;
Co-director, Choreographer, Performer – Dai Matsuoka;
Performers – Sato Oikawa, Kennosuke Sagawa;
Musicians – Junmakidou, Aya Suzuki;
Character Design – Yukashi Sano, Hato;
Costume – Chiaki Nishikawa;
Technical Manager – Hideaki Ikemori;
Project Manager – Takafumi Sakiyama;
Photographer – Chiye Namegai;
Maki Sumi, Satoko Tsujimura, Takuya Isomura


Country/Region Japan

Artists Scale Laboratory

09 06 2019 21:30
Where PEG 6

10 06 2019 21:30
Where PEG 4