Walk through a pop-up city of stories. Comprised of a cluster of tents, Trophy lights up the Prague Exhibition Grounds. Inside each tent, encounter a person who tells the true story of a moment in their life when everything changed. Universal stories of love, identity, loss, careers and more fill the tents. Move through the city of stories, and visit as many tents as you feel drawn to, hearing intimate stories shared by the people who lived them. Inspired by these stories, reflect on the turning points in your own life and write your stories on colourful transparencies. The installation’s evolution is determined by your actions. As time passes, the tents transform into multi-coloured structures covered in stories of change.

Combining theatre and urban design, Trophy is a living monument to the experiences that make up our lives and a compelling conversation about change. Our light-filled tents become temporary beacons to a world in changing times, showing the power of beauty, story, and connection.

The transparent fabric of the tents allows for a revelatory depth of field; the vivid performers, seen against the soft bokeh of a passing city, seem to take their place within it.

Trophy has been presented across Canada and beyond, including at Canada’s National Arts Centre, the High Performance Rodeo, and Dublin Fringe Festival.

Director, Creator, Producer – Sarah Conn;
Installation Design, Co-creator – Allison O’Connor;
Dramaturg – Laurel Green

Developed in co-production with STO Union

Country/Region Canada

Artists Sarah Conn & Allison O'Connor

07 06 2019 16:00
Where PEG 5

08 06 2019 11:30
Where PEG 5

08 06 2019 20:30
Where PEG 5

09 06 2019 12:00
Where PEG 5