Porous City

“To wander through a diverse terrain is to feel the surroundings pass through one’s body as the body passes through the surroundings…”
– Robin, C. Moore

Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti (UK) invite audiences to explore Výstaviště Praha Holešovice through a unique “lens”. Porous City is a site-specific walking performance in which photographic temporary tattoos depicting textures, buildings, patinas, and viewpoints of Prague Exhibition Grounds and surrounds, are transferred on to participants’ hands. As the walk unfolds, audiences find themselves aligning with these specific views, becoming porous to place in a series of encounters that blur the edges between street and skin.

Re-photographing the tattoos in situ, Etheridge & Persighetti create an uncanny sense of being able to see through the body to the fabric of time and place. Hands become canvases recording and re-presenting captured images of the city. These overlays and moments of porosity offer places to pause and consider the layers of this extraordinarily complex site from history and architecture to material evidence and everyday eccentricities. Visitors to PQ 2019 are invited to become intimately familiar with, and temporarily marked by part of the material fabric of the place they are passing through.

Operating at the intersection between architecture, community, landscape and performance, Etheridge & Persighetti's practice explores the interrelationships between people and places.

Creators, Performers – Katie Etheridge, Simon Persighetti

Supported by Cultivator with European Regional
Development Fund, Arts Council England, Cornwall Council;
Originally commissioned by Compass Live Art


Country/Region United Kingdom

Artists Etheridge & Persighetti

07 06 2019 11:45
Where PEG 1

07 06 2019 16:15
Where PEG 1

08 06 2019 11:45
Where PEG 1

08 06 2019 16:15
Where PEG 1

09 06 2019 10:15
Where PEG 1

09 06 2019 15:00
Where PEG 1