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10:30-12:00 North American Mixed Reality Panel

The potential of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality for live performance design is staggering. High quality, spatially aware, holograms that react to user input will allow personalized AR experiences to become an integrated part of live performances, and a new medium for theatre designers.

Presenters: Paul Cegys, Ian Garrett, Ryan Joyner, Beth Kates, Jennifer Roberts-Smith

Paul Cegys / Jennifer Roberts-Smith - DOHR is a Virtual Reality experience that brings students into a digitally rendered representation of the Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children. They explore the home and listen to stories from stories from survivors Tony Smith, Gerry Morrison and Tracy Dorrington-Skinner.

Ian Garrett’s company Toasterlab is working on immersive locative media experiences, and is developing an open source platform for the authoring and management of locative experiences on mobile devices.

Ryan Joyner is working on providing tools that allow designers to use existing lighting protocols, and associated programming, to cue AR content into their performance and combines the user-friendly lighting controls available in QLab with the ubiquity of iOS devices to provide the audience with a working example of how AR objects within an app running on an iOS device can be controlled via wireless transmission of Art-Net.

Beth Kates - In 1880, five members of the Donnelly family were brutally murdered by their neighbours. Annie Donnelly and her husband Robert survived and lived among the murderers, who were never brought to justice. An immersive one-on-one performance, Bury The Wren uses Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, mixed with ‘Carbon’ Reality, to exhume Annie’s voice from the grave of history.

14:00-16:30 North American Conversations - The Dramaturgy of Space

Presenters: Anick Labissonnière (QC), Sarah Cohn (CA), Scott Neale (US),
Karia Rodriguez (MX), Àngel Hermàndez (MX), Aris Pretelin (MX)

Artists Ian Garrett

10 06 2019 10:30—12:00
Where Small Sports Hall

10 06 2019 14:00—16:30
Where Small Sports Hall