Blue Hour Opening

An experimental, interactive environment fills the entire space of the Small Sports Hall opening to the public on 8 June. The project is based on intensive team work that brings together experienced artists with emerging designers selected through an open call to creatively collaborate.

The curatorial team, seeking to experiment with the shifting boundaries between the "non-material" or "virtual" and the “real” world and to explore the capacity of performance design to enlist technology in cultural production, brings various areas of design into a dialogue through a tight collaboration covering areas of Lighting Design, Video and Projection Design, Sound Design, Tactile Environment, Creative Coding, Virtual andAugmented Reality.

"As a visual artist working mostly on sitespecific projects – often on a large scale, involving architecture – light has become my medium of choice. Whether it comes from a moving head or through the lens of a video projector, I realized light could create a dialogue between the tangible and the immaterial, between the permanent and the ephemeral,between past and present, or even between humans and other forms of life. Light has this capacity to reveal what is hidden, to modify our perception of reality, to create new worlds: lightseems to be made of time and space. From another angle, if light is one of the conditions for life to exist on our planet, it’s also our main connection to the world through vision, and before any other sense: light isa universal connector. For Blue Hour, I tried to reverse the approach of applying light to some existing object or support: what if, for once, light could be used as a construction material? This immersive environment is conceived as an experimental playground for light: all the elements which compose the installation are actively used for lighting purposes: as a source or as a receiver.

The audience is invited to become immersed in this multi-layered global light and sound installation – which works almost like a living organism, with its many different cycles and sub-cycles. Blue Hour is a show with no stage, where the visitors are also the actors: by exploring this environment, they contribute to one of those many cycles: the beauty of an ephemeral passage through light beams, changing the space just for a few seconds, following a path which couldn’t be predicted."

Romain Tardy

08 06 2019 20:00—23:59
Where Small Sports Hall

15 06 2019 10:30—17:30
Where Small Sports Hall