New Media 2

16:00 – 17:00
Panel of Presentations moderated by Christopher Baugh

On Brazilian Virtual Scenography
(Presentation – 20 min)
Marcello Girotti (BR)

Can virtual projected images design spaces in movement? This question is the mainstream, considering that video mapping technologies are one possibility (chosen from many) for theatrical and performance spaces designed in our days. The aim is to show how video mapping dispositive(s) are transformed into dramaturgic presence, in some cases from the Brazilian contemporary productions.

Finding the Digital on Australian Stages
(Presentation – 20 min)
Tessa Rixon (Queensland University of Technology, AU)

Australian dance and theatre are incorporating more digital technologies into their scenographies. However, little is known about the practice of those who craft these digital performances, nor the impact of such technology on audiences. This presentation will speak to these gaps and consider how the notion of authenticity could inspire more meaningful integration of technology into performance.

15 06 2019 16:00—17:15
Where Krizik E