Expanding Scenography

12:00 – 13:30 Panel of Presentations

Introduction to Ecoscenography
(Presentation – 15 min)
Tanja Beer
This talk will introduce the concept of ecoscenography, including how expanded ideas of material entanglement – across bodies, ecosystems and built environments – can lead to new practices in performance design. It will explore ways in which scenographers might consider their practice within broader ecologies to build designs that also encompass environmental, social and political potential.

Poetics of Destruction: Between the Spectacle and its Rubble - Globalization, Consumption and Performance
(Presentation – 15 min)
Renato Bolelli Rebouças (University of Sao Paulo)
Why do we insist on perceiving reality as definitive, to the detriment of the proliferation of renewable and fragmented spaces and things? Exploring the relations between material precariousness, consumption, and performance, this talk proposes a journey through urban environments to examine their remains, finding in them paths to elucidate our ways of inhabiting and representing the world.

Extending Audience Engagement Through Taste
(Presentation – 15 min)
Eric Villanueva Dela Cruz (De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde)
The presentation deliberates the significant potential of taste in transforming and expanding scenography in relation to the sensorial theatrical experience by examining the creative process of TAXI Theater’s Musta. It will explore how the disembodied sensations in the production posits opportunities for audience participation and agency in imagining their own experience of the narrative.

Body Painting: Scenographic Bodies
(Presentation – 15 min)
Mona Magalhães (Unirio)
From the contemporary concept of scenography, the body is thought of as scenographic space through bodypainting. An artistic language with the potential to produce urban interference, in which bodies can camouflage themselves, merging with the environment in which they live, or standing out from the city space and the social environment, provoking extra daily effects in purely performative actions.

30 minutes moderated discussion

15 06 2019 12:00—13:30
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