Transforming Scenography

10:00 – 11:30
Panel of Presentations

Beyond 1923: 23 Statements for a Performative Scenography
(Presentation – 20 min)
Sara Franqueira (PT)

In 1923, Oskar Schlemmer was appointed head of the Theater Workshop at Bauhaus, Kurt Schwitters published the first issue of Merz magazine and Vsevolod Meyerhold founded Meyerhold Theater. Certainly other pertinent things happened in 1923, but these are quite engaging to propose 23 statements for a scenography that rebuilds its nature in a concrete spatial dynamic, a medium that shapes an event.

Beyond Content and Casting: Trans Approaches to Design for Performance
(Presentation – 20 min)
M'ck McKeague (Designer, AU)

Trans people have a long history of creating and reshaping spaces, yet the theatre and broader arts community still focuses on representation in terms of content and casting. Set and costume designer M’ck McKeague explores the possibilities of transformational approaches to design for performance from a distinctly queer and trans perspective.

Beyond Scenography
(Presentation – 20 min)
Rachel Hann

30 minutes moderated discussion

15 06 2019 10:00—12:00
Where Krizik E