Scenography, Architecture, and Urban Space 1

10:00 – 11:15
Panel of Presentations

Performing for the Precariat
(Presentation – 15 min)
Ermina Apostolaki (Designer), Miranda Vatikioti (Dramaturg)

This presentation focuses on the analysis of 3 performances by the Amalgama dance/theater group. What is being explored is how the group attempts to stage the economical, political and social crisis in Greece aiming for the audience to reflect and to critically think their state of independence. By creating limiting conditions, Amalgama pushes audience to question their freedom.

Theater Decrypts the City
(Presentation – 15 min)
Francesco Fassone (Centre for Art/Education/Theatre Research)

The talk focuses on the possibility of interpretating the image of a city from a theatrical point of view. Looking at its building and its zoning, at its transformation, during the time. The symbolic language that commonly belongs to stage design is used to decrypt different meanigs hidden behind political intentions, natural, anthropological, social evolutions.

From Vagrant Scenographies to Urban Speculative Gestures: a Feminist Turn
(Presentation – 15 min)

Shauna Janssen (Concordia University), Kristine Samson (Roskilde University)

In this performance lecture we situate scenography within critical feminist frameworks to rethink urban processes and the potential role that scenographic knowledge / sensibilities / practices can be methodologically utilized for urban research.

45 minute moderated discussion

12:00 – 12:45
The Stage and the City: Collaborative Reflection on Spatial Design for Cities and Performance
(Mod. Conversation – 45 min)

Marta Michalowska (Theatrum Mundi), Cécile Trémolières (Designer), Beth Weinstein (University of Arizona), Océane Ragoucy (TVK), Efrosini Protopapa (University of Roehampton), Justinien Tribillon (Theatrum Mundi)

In this discussion, we wish to bring together stage designer, performer, architect and urbanist to explore the paths across disciplines, and reflect collectively on issues such as collaborative design, the staging of urban life, open and closed systems, audience participation, and processes of creating collective memory and imagination.

12:45 – 13:30
Thread City: Theatre as Public Dialogue
(Mod. Conversation – 45 min)

Kristen Morgan (Eastern Connecticut State University), Anya Sokolovskaya (Eastern Connecticut State University)

We will speak about designing Thread City, a devised, multimedia/physical theatre production; incorporating archival research and community-based conversations into scenography. We examine how Imagination is kindled through immersion in historical artifacts, how Transformation happens when performers inhabit space, and the aspect of Memory that an audience brings to the experience of Thread City.

10 06 2019 10:00—13:30
Where Krizik E