“I made the choice to bear witness to my own personal experience by presenting a theater of objects that assembles recurring elements that I have used in my plays for fifteen years now. We can recognize the bay windows from L’Effet de Serge and the mechanical piano already played in a number of my shows, from La Mélancolie des dragons to Crash Park, la vie d’une île. As for the rest, I began with the idea of recycling waste. A poem of miscellaneous scraps that allowed me to highlight what remains on the workshop floor before it is swept: from crumpled paper balls to pieces of foam or expanded styrofoam. Set designers are used to copying nature, perhaps that is why they are a step ahead when it is threatened. We have all been moved to see a windsock floating in the desert or a rusty wind turbine continuing to spin in vain. Microcosm is an end-of-the-world setting where only machines remain to testify to what humanity once was. Scenography imitates reality, with my music room, I summon small animated ghosts built with materials whose destiny was to end up in a trash bin. It is the idea of a world of extremely human feelings embodied only by automatons. A form of life that goes on without living beings.”
– Philippe Quesne. Interview with Patrick Sourd on Les Inrockuptibles

Country/Region France

Presenting Organization ARTCENA, French National Center for Circus, Street and Theatre Arts, with support from the French Ministry of Culture, Institut français Prague, in coproduction with Nanterre-Amandiers

Curator Philippe Quesne

photo (c) Eva Kořínková