Traces of the Lost

“To keep going around in circles. To be constantly confused.”

Handke’s traditional/experimental text is a poetic parable about a journey and leaving traces. The constant roaming of individuals and couples becomes the roaming of powerful crowds, insects, spiders, and birds. Everything started with a trivial neighbourly argument, an ordinary marital quarrel, and ends with the arrival of a comet, hopeless migration of a global character, and the apocalyptic end of time.

Handke explores “new opportunities of his dramatic and theatrical poetics and strengthens and develops the epic elements and lyricism. The basic building blocks of his poetics, apart from walking, coming and going, include fragmentariness, elusiveness, and evanescence.” (See Zuzana Augustová: The Angry and Nostalgic Pilgrim in Europe).

In fractions of situations, commonness meets myth, absurd comedy meets various, often tragic models of interpersonal relationships. We have been looking for “the third one” for so long that we forgot about the other. We have watched ourselves in mere reflections for so long that our existence has become a shadow. What could we learn from the image of our own traces?

Traces of the Lost (world premiere in 2007, the Berliner Ensemble; directed by Claus Peymann) is universal and yet it very precisely identifies current social tensions. It is a profound statement on the search for the right direction (or an escape route) and on the acceptance of confusion and digression as an existential necessity; digression and confusion are viewed as the possible start of regained orientation.

The production was created in co-production with Spolek Mezery.

Director – Miroslav Bambušek;
Dramaturg – Ondřej Novotný;
Music – Tomáš Vtípil;
Stage Design – Zuzana Krejzková;
Translator – Barbora Schnelle;
Actors – Markéta Dvořáková, Jana Kozubková, Jan Bárta, Jakub Gottwald, Vojtěch Hrabák, Hynek Chmelař, Miloslav Mejzlík, Kateřina Jabůrková, Katarina Kadijevič, Petra Mikulková, Viera Pavlíková, Barbora Ptáčková, Aneta Schmidtová, Tereza Svobodová, Eduard Čubr, Jakub Domorád, David Králík, Matěj Pour, Jaroslav Synek

Team X10 (Czech Republic)

11 06 2019 19:30—21:00
Where X10 Theatre