Stranger Looking for a Flat

The story of a mysterious Czech doctor, his suitcase and a suspicious smile. Production about things spoken and unspoken, obvious and surprising, time-barred and actual, noble and banal.

A promising doctor, MUDr. Vaclav Marek (a non-smoker without commitments and pets) looking for a single room to rent in New York. Preferably quiet and clean neighborhood. Any price. Special requirements: Table. ASAP!

The performance is about the fate of a foreigner in a new environment, the misunderstanding and uprooting of those people who would like to belong somewhere but are not allowed to.

The play is based on Egon Hostovsky's The Stranger is Looking for a Flat written in 1947. The book was written by Hostovsky in the United States, where he emigrated to in 1941. The book illustrates one of the main topics of Hostovsky's work – a migrant's feelings in a new and strange environment. The production offers a parallel to the current political situation in the western world. It observes the loneliness of a person who has something to offer, but is never heard. What is it that makes him so “strange” and “foreign”? Is he doing something wrong?

Dramatization – Tomáš Loužný, Kateřina Slezáková;
Director – Tomáš Loužný;
Dramaturg – Kateřina Slezáková;
Set & Costume Design – Kateřina Jirmanová Soukupová;
Music – Ivo Sedláček;
Set & Costume Design Assistants – Pavlína Chroňáková, Zuzana Štěpančíková;
Actors – Adam Langer, Sára Affašová, Michala Gatialová, Pepa Honzík, Petr Jeřábek, Barbora Poláchová, Jakub Svojanovský j. h., Martina Šindelářová
Choreography – Martina Diblíková;
Production Team – Kateřina Rundová, Martina Diblíková, Adam Bureš

Team DAMU (Czech Republic)

06 06 2019 19:30—21:00
Where DISK Theatre