Liminauts describes two worlds that are connected at the whim of intermittently stable technology, and the constraints of offscreen life. Two lives, shared through small screens, happening out of sync across the globe. These constructed worlds are a new reality, edited, fragmented, and redelivered to reinforce our chosen narratives. This is a world where leaders have become caricatures, and personalities are curated and expressed in aspirational quotes and filtered images. This is a world where we can be seen as whatever we choose. A merging of technology, illusions, and dance, Liminauts articulates how we navigate our physical and online worlds. Video calls, constructed screens and live dance share the stage equally. With the three artists living in different cities the construction necessarily echoes the choreography; reflecting the relationship shared by the artists, as well as the process of creation.

Performers – Jess Quaid, Amy Mauvan;
Multimedia Artist – Daniel James

Team Jess Quaid, Amy Mauvan, Daniel James (New Zealand, United Kingdom)

07 06 2019 14:00—15:00
Where X10 Theatre

07 06 2019 17:00—18:00
Where X10 Theatre