You’re invited to become the audience of an online self-broadcasted show in a theatre space.

Can something real and intimate be built through screens?

The phenomenal explosion of live-streaming platforms in recent years is a result of unsatisfied needs of lonely individuals. These online broadcast rooms, such as Periscope or Twitch, are where people can hide behind their phones, and watch others talk, dance, play games, and sleep, a form of companionship without obligation.

Presented through live-streaming technology and about the live-streaming world per se, Together looks at the co-dependent relationship between online self-broadcasters and their followers. It is a game of longing for integration, and the unavoidable failure of bonding.

During the performance, the audience can interact and communicate with the broadcasters via a specially designed app.

Expect a very personal experience, depending on how you choose to interact, or not to interact at all.

“An unconventional show… It also felt magical that through a piece of text, I could affect someone who might actually be at the other end of the world.”
– The Theatre Times

Concept, Direction and Design – Mengting Zhuo, Yujing Yan;
Cast and Creative – Smaragda Kara, Yujing Yan, Greg McLaren;
Dramaturgy – Dandan Liu;
Technical Design – Piotr Mirowski;
Voiceover – Beatrice Benedek

Team Factory Irregular (China, United Kingdom)

09 06 2019 16:00—17:00
Where DAMU K332

09 06 2019 18:30—19:30
Where DAMU K332