The Hole and Minor Matters

Every hole becomes a potential for new emergences. The instant-sculptures in The Hole and Minor Matters scrutinize the distinctions between the animate and inanimate, the organic and non-organic, the natural and artificial. A manufactured hole – a fabricated nothing – in pieces of found glass becomes a tool for investigating the changing state and value of raw materials. A performer is confronted with that which the hole has left. A thin line between product and waste, model and cast, resource and residue run through the space. A soundscape sets the atmosphere of the landscape: sounds of industrial production processes and noises from matter in motion shape the environment. The hole and minor matters performance of Anna Laederach has an ambivalent nature: every subtraction is simultaneously another addition.

Creator – Anna Laederach;
Sound Design – Benedikt Wöppel

Team Anna Laederach (Switzerland, Finland)

07 06 2019 16:00—16:30
Where DAMU K332

07 06 2019 17:00—17:30
Where DAMU K332

07 06 2019 18:00—18:30
Where DAMU K332