Alice – To Da or Not To Da?

In the initial part of the project, a series of optical phenomena that take advantage of light/darkness juxtaposition, shadow, fluctuation of scale, perspective, and video projections emerged after working with Lewis Carroll’s renowned Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865). Basic scenic mechanisms, set design models, and cut-outs were used, resulting in a set of actions in the form of a performance. The philosophy of the piece is scenography as an end in itself in an open dialogue with music, dance, and drama.

The second part came together as a tribute to the centenary of Dada, the avant-garde movement that tore down the constraints of dramatic tradition and stage conventions of the previous centuries. The performance follows the abstract form of a Dadaist variety evening and consists of sound and tonal poems, manifestoes, chansons, sound music, scenes from Tzara’s Le Coeur à gaz, Hugo Ball’s Gadji Beri Bimba, and Schwitters's Anxiety Plays.

Alice sets off imagination while the Dadaist soirée, as a popular entertainment form, transforms reality via ludicrous parody and disorder both on and off stage.

Scenographer, Supervising Professor of “Alice” – Apostolos Vettas;
Stage Director, Actor of “to Da or not to Da?” – Damianos Konstantinidis;
Dramaturg of “to Da or not to Da?” – Ioulia Pipinia;
Actors, Musicians of “to Da or not to Da?” – Dimitris Kapetanios, Dimitris Lolis;
Actresses of “to Da or not to Da?” – Eleni Mavidou, Ioanna Kanellopoulou;
Light Designer/Performer of “to Da or not to Da?” – Elina Eftaxia;
Musician of “to Da or not to Da?” – Hara Argyroudi;
Technical Manager of “Alice – to Da or not to Da” – Stergios Proios;
Performer of “Alice” – Ino Pikioni;
Stage Manager of “Alice” – Marina Konstantinidou;
Light Designer of “Alice” – Stella Mena;
Video Designer of “Alice” – Eleni Sampri;
Costume Designer of “Alice” – Alexia Vousvoura;
Performers of “to Da or not to Da?” – Dimitra Giovani;
Peni Dani, Anastasia Papaioannou

Team School of Drama, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)

10 06 2019 13:30—14:30
Where DISK Theatre