Conexiones Blandas

Conexiones Blandas is a long-term performance in which Complejo Conejo installs a scenic artefact in the city, actioned by five performers seeking to rethink the idea of architecture and the link between passers-by and public spaces.

The performance consists of developing constant action: the performers connected to each other by their masks are in continuous movement trying to inhabit the whole space, tensing and relaxing the connections that exist between each of them, drawing new straight lines or curves and generating a new architecture in space.

The connectivity between performers and their urban environment is sought through the physical expansion of bodies. In this way, the performance is presented to the space and to the passers-by that inhabit it through the generation and installation of “soft architecture”, always changing, that proposes an answer to the question of how a large space can be completely inhabited and modified with just five bodies.

Director – Pedro Gramegna Ardiles;
Design Team – Pedro Gramegna Ardiles, Andrea Bustos Pizarro, John Álvarez Esparz;
Performers – Pedro Gramegna Ardiles, Andrea Bustos Pizarro, John Álvarez Esparza, Josefina Cerda Puga, Raúl Riquelme Hernández

Team Complejo Conejo (Chile)

10 06 2019 17:00—18:00
Where Jana Palacha Square

10 06 2019 20:00—21:00
Where Jana Palacha Square