Castles Palaces Castles

Using dream-like projections, a fractured narrative, and live sound processing, Significant Other’s new show Castles Palaces Castles is a kaleidoscopic snapshot of a man’s journey in building his dream palace. Halfway between memory and mirage, Significant Other wants you to dive deep into the world of compulsive builders, architects of nothingness, and the painters of frenzied boredom.

In 1879, a French postman named Ferdinand Cheval began to build a palace he had seen in a dream. Using stones from the forest, he began to build, alone. It took him 33 years. In 1970, a woman from Hemel Hempstead decided to paint the inside of the Sistine Chapel on the walls of her council flat, using only her fingertips. It took her 40 years. She had never been to Italy.

Half-way between memory and mirage, Castles Palaces Castles shows a snapshot of a man’s journey in building his dream palace.

Significant Other have a shared practice which bases itself in finding ways to disrupt the way that text is often used on stage. They consider not just what words mean, but what they do to your body as an audience member. Their work is often image based, dream-like, and surreal.

Douglas Baker, Elana Binysh, Stephanie Fuller, Calum Lynn, Ally Poole

Team Significant Other (United Kingdom)

10 06 2019 15:30—16:30
Where DAMU Řetízek

10 06 2019 17:30—18:30
Where DAMU Řetízek