When the walls talk

Like an actress, the city is waiting for her cue to take to the stage while she goes through her text over and over again, while no one is listening. Only if we are able to raise our gaze from our mobiles and take off our headphones will we become her audience, the city’s audience. A city we have always conceived as our stage and now, for the first time, it becomes a character itself, and tries to talk to us.

Through a visual and sonic/sound snapshot we’ll allow the walls, the paintings and the noises to tell us a story. One of many, but so real…

When the Walls Talk is a live show where two artists play around with lights and sound to tell us a unique and exclusive story of each city. The visual act is generated from photographs taken from these walls. Sounds and spaces are obtained from urban environments that become our storyteller.

Idea, Orchestration and Set Design – Nuria Vila, Laura Clos Closca;
Direction – Marc Chornet

Team Lacol, Institut del Teatre (Spain)

11 06 2019 16:30—17:00
Where DAMU K332

11 06 2019 18:30—19:00
Where DAMU K332

11 06 2019 20:30—21:00
Where DAMU K332