Push, Push Baby

As stage designers we constitute our creative processes by points of magic intuition and exhausting routes of reworking; moments of joy and satisfaction and eternities of instability and repetition, with the sensation of carrying a gift that is also a weight. Our destination is the theatre itself but we can often get lost in the process. As the rock of Sisyphus, our ideas seem to go up and down multiple times while we push them to our destination. And also, every time we “reach the top” and realise one idea, we’ll have to fall again back to the bottom of the process for the next one. As Camus says about the condition of Sisyphus, even our apparently vain struggle for the top, to the final joy, can make our life a joyous process itself. As Sisyphus fights his way to the top, believing in his act, even if the Gods are against him, we face the challenge of creating something non-existent every time, and the struggle to get to the top itself can fill our human hearts. Is, as Camus says, our vain journey to the top enough to fill our human hearts?

Performance Designers, Performers – Elena Zamparutti & Francesco Cocco

Team Elena Zamparutti & Francesco Cocco (Italy)

10 06 2019 13:00—14:00
Where Jana Palacha Square

10 06 2019 15:00—16:00
Where Jana Palacha Square