“If I can see it,
then I can do it.”

KIWI is a physical performance that deals with dreams, fulfillment, our inner calling, and sacrifices. It’s a poetic and tragicomic performance which stands between dance and theater. The performance follows the character KIWI and her mental landscape and actions – trying to fly.

In today's world, where the destruction of nature and, somehow, of our everyday values is our everyday struggle, we bring to life an animal-human character with its own problems – a KIWI, who wants to fly, feels like a bird, but doesn't have what it takes to fly. We followed many stories of human Kiwis – people with disabilities, with major differences, but also those who are discriminated against by the society – such as infertile women for example.

One thing they have in common? KIWI never gives up.

The performance is mostly non-verbal and the verbal parts are in both English and Czech.

We are collecting money for the KIWI. The bird. On 2501365293/2010, our transparent account. Join us!

Director – Minna Lund;
Performer – Helena Machová;
Sound Design – Ian Mikyska;
Lighting Design – Karlos Šimek;
Lighting & Sound Technician – Jakub Urban;
Scenography – Rufina Bázlová and Viktorie Drdová;
Masks – Paula Köenig;
Rigging – Jan Kohout and Tomáš Pintér;
Supervision – Roman Horák;
Photography – Vojtěch Brtnický;
Trailer Camera – Adéla Márová;
Trailer Cut – Rolando Garduño

Team Helena Machová (Czech Republic, Finland)

Partners Supported by HAMU Nonverbal Theatre Department, HAMU Department of International Affairs and Nadace Život umělce

11 06 2019 13:30—14:30
Where DISK Theatre