Thinking Costume Lab

The Thinking Costume Lab is a one-day research seminar that brings together a multidisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners working on costume-related and costume-led research projects. The seminar aims to offer peer-support for doctoral (PhD) candidates, MA/MFA students working on their research thesis and early career researchers and academics, including post-doctoral researchers, conducting research in the field of costume or in related artistic fields involving dress and performance.

Workshop Leader Biography:
Sofia Pantouvaki, PhD, is a Greek scenographer and
Professor of Costume Design at Aalto University, Finland.
Her background includes over 80 designs for theatre,
film, opera and dance productions in Europe, as well as
numerous curatorial and exhibition design projects. Coauthor, History of Dress - The Western World and Greece (2010); editor, Yannis Metsis - Athens Experimental Ballet (2011); co-editor, Presence and Absence: The Performing Body (2014), Dress and Politics (2015) and The Tribes – A Walking Exhibition (2017). She is Editor of the academic journal Studies in Costume and Performance; Vice-Head for Research, OISTAT/Costume; Co-Chair, Critical Costume and Co-Convener, IFTR Scenography WG. She was Project Leader of Performance: Visual Aspects of Performance Practice (ID.Net. 2010-2015); Costume Design Curator for World Stage Design 2013; Associate Curator, Costume in Action (WSD2013) and Co-Curator of the Finnish Student exhibit, winner of the Gold Medal at PQ15. Sofia founded Costume in Focus, the first research group on performance costume, currently based at Aalto University, and leads a research project on ‘Costume Methodologies’ funded by the Academy of Finland. She lectures, supervises PhDs and publishes internationally.

12 06 2019 14:30—18:00
Where DAMU R311