Performing Transmedia: How to Make the Stage Explode in XXIst Century

For the purpose of this workshop, the term “transmedia” refers to the use of multiple platforms to tell a story. This workshop aims to share our method of exploring non-linear storytelling. Participants will explore the ideas behind transmedia in theatre practice and how those ideas can be translated into a scenographic proposal for stage design.

Workshop Leader Biography:
Architect. M.Arch in Advanced Projects and Magister in Set Design. Developing PhD titled “Transmedia and Theatre” within the PhD program of the Faculty of Fine Arts - Complutense de Madrid (expected 2019). She is cofounder of the studio Strategies for Drama (composed by architects, actors, scenographers, engineers and digital
marketing experts) working as Creative Director ( StforDrama has realized projects and theatrical events such as “The Home” for the play Prohibited Suidice in Spring (2017), “From Bomarzo and beyond” (2016) and “Interfacing Lorca” (2015). She has focusing her activity on research and develop strategies and tactics concerned on New Media Technologies in Theatre and digital fabrication in scenic creation processes. She is leading the project “Teatrario” ( a platform to make Performing Arts reach kids and young people through didactic contents and new languages (both online and offline). She is also professor at Architecture and Design Faculty (Universidad Europea de Madrid) and she is the director of the course “Theatre, Architecture and Scenography” (Instituto Arquitectura-COAM). She has shared her worked with different Performing Arts Working Groups such as IFTR-PQ2015, IFTR- 2016 (Scenography WG), TaPra-2016 and 2017 (New Technologies WG). She is currently designing digital media-contents and transmedia experience for the opera “The Telephone” (Teatro,2019).

14 06 2019 10:00—13:30
Where DAMU K107