Synesthesia Design Thinking

While sound, scenic, lighting and costume designers are professionals in their own domains, they regularly work together to create stage productions. Cross-disciplinary collaboration is the great tradition in stage productions. In reality, however, there are often conflict and confusion in the collaborative process between the disciplines. Are these conflicts inevitable? This workshop asks: is there a way to break down the wall between sound and the visual disciplines of performance design?

Workshop Leader Biography:
Steve Leung (Chinese Name: LEUNG Kin Kai) is now lecturer in Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) in Hong Kong. He is the programme leader of Higher Diploma in Stage and Live Entertainment Technology focusing the application of multimedia technology in stage and performing arts. He is now an Avid Certified Instructor in Pro Tools and Venue live console.

Other than live and studio sound production, Mr Leung has
special interest in the areas of interactive media application. He integrates his teaching with interactive and multimedia designs using Arduino, Max, Ableton Live Resolumn Arena etc. Mr Leung was the IVE production team in Ambient Cube, an immersive sound installation demonstrated in Sound Kitchen of PQ2015.

Mr Leung was graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University. His first degree, BSSc in Communication,
granted him chance to start his career in media production
in Breakthrough Ltd, a multimedia youth organization in
Hong Kong. He had been the producer and presenter of a
weekly radio programme in local radio station. Making use
of sound for storytelling was his primary task during this
period. He was then studied in City University of Hong Kong and granted MA in Communication and New Media. He integrated his study with his audio production experience and produced online radio programmes in early 2000s before he joined IVE teaching team.

14 06 2019 10:00—18:00
Where DAMU R214