The Natural Dye Studio: Sustainable Methods for Dying Textiles

Until the second half of the nineteenth century, throughout the world, all colours were derived from local animal, vegetable and mineral sources. This workshop aims to start a conversation around the use of synthetic dyes versus natural dyes in textile and costume design, and will demonstrate sustainable solutions to colour cloth, show the endless possibilities of working with natural dyes, and demonstrate that given some experience and experimentation natural dyes are as easy to use as conventional dyes.

Workshop Leader Biography:
Caroline was born in Hamilton, Ontario and earned an
advanced diploma in Textile Design from Sheridan College
in 2015. She then traveled west to Calgary, Alberta to
complete her BFA in Fiber at the Alberta College of Art
and Design, graduating in 2017. Currently Caroline resides
in Calgary, Alberta where she splits her time between the
film and theater industry while creating work in her textile

While pursuing her design education Caroline has been the
recipient of four textile residencies located at the Icelandic
Textile Center, the Banff Center for Arts and Creavity, Peters Valley School of Craft, and Harbourfront Center.

As a multidisciplinary artist Caroline explores her relationship to cloth and colour through dying, printing, weaving, felting and sewing. In her design work, she purposefully references Canadian climate, topography, local flora, fauna and the idea of the ‘mystic north.’ Her work challenges the process of creating a textile and calls the designer to incorporate sustainability and craftsmanship into a sensible, sought-after object. Her work can be valued for its material sensitivity, traditional techniques and modern aesthetic. While working with natural dyes, Caroline exhibits an ambition to increase sustainable literacy and practices in the fashion, textile and entertainment industry.

12—13 06 2019 10:00—18:00
Where DAMU R106/108/109