Participatory Scenography: Developing Responsive Spaces

This workshop is about exploring and testing the possibilities of participatory scenography: part of a research process seeking to develop scenography that is influenced by the audience, where they become active participants in creating and redefining spaces. Thematically, we are concerned with our relationship to place, how it transforms in the memory, and the possible metamorphosis of place, using democratic means to explore changing and inhabiting spaces.

Workshop Leader Biography:
Alison Neighbour is a scenographer working mainly
in theatre. She is interested in creating design-led site
responsive work and in developing scenography that forges a deeper connection with audiences. Her work has been presented at World Stage Design 2013 and at theatres across the UK, as well as in New York and Singapore. Alison is also co-artistic director of Bread & Goose, with whom she creates playful theatrical journeys for adventurous audiences.

Francesc Serra Vila - Scenographer, performance maker
and architect. Francesc’s work is driven by an interest in
site specific, immersive and evolving environments; he has
presented installations and design for performances, on his
own on in collaboration with other artists, at World Stage
Design 2013 and 2017, London Festival of Architecture and La Bellone - Maison du spectacle (Brussels) among other places.

Jon Mcleod is a composer, sound designer and theatre
maker. He works in both traditional and devised methods
and makes theatre, installations and audio works. He is
especially interested in headphone and binaural work, sitespecific & immersive design, and piano and lectroacoustic composition. His work has appeared at LIFT, HighTide Festival, and in theatres and found spaces across the UK.

14 06 2019 10:00—11:30
Where DAMU R302

14 06 2019 12:00—13:30
Where DAMU R302

14 06 2019 14:30—16:00
Where DAMU R302

15 06 2019 10:00—11:30
Where DAMU R302

15 06 2019 12:00—13:30
Where DAMU R302

15 06 2019 14:30—16:00
Where DAMU R302