Minor Monsters

Minor Monsters is proposed as a miniature Natural History Museum dedicated to a rare class of animals: Chilean stage designers. We have transformed the seminal figures of our discipline into particular creatures: hybrids inspired by the artists’ obsessions and their body of work. Through exhibits such as handcrafted fake taxidermies and scientific-like illustrations, the installation operates as a tour of the rich fauna that make up the theatre and performance design scene in Chile.

We have collected more than forty “monsters”, created from costume, lighting, scenography, and integral designers. These creatures represent the huge variety of visual and technical languages that exist in Chilean theatre today.

Through a human size phylogenetic tree, we show how all these species are interconnected, evolving from and responding to previous generations of artists.

To complete the experience of the installation, visitors can access our audio-guides, which will give them more information about these animals as well as their imaginary sounds and voices.

Minor Monsters is a theatre bestiary that is at the same time an homage to our fellow colleagues and a platform to show their amazing and inspiring work. We strongly believe that Chilean stage designers are a fascinating species that should be known and studied around the globe.

Country/Region Chile

Presenting Organization Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio, Dirac

Curatorial Team Rocío Hernández Marchant, Felipe Olivares, Juan Andrés Rivera

photo Monstruos Menores