From The Pop-Up Book to the Stage

This workshop aims to trigger performance concepts using the common pop-up book’s shapes and aesthetics. Observing and exploring pop-up techniques provides formal elements useful in developing dramatic/performative scene concepts.

The pop-up technique promotes innumerable creative and imaginative possibilities – widening our ability for abstraction.

Workshop Leader Biography:
Pali Díaz is an actress, visual artist, set designer, and teacher of arts and drama. She got her degree as an actress at the “Escuela Provincial de Teatro y Títeres nº5029” in Rosario and as a Professor of Fine Arts at the National University of Rosario.

As an artist, she has designed sets, objects, pop up books
for a great number of theater plays and for public spaces in Rosario such as the “Tríptico de la Infancia” of Rosario Local Government.

She had exhibited at the Local Museum of Decorative Art of Rosario, and obtained a grant by the National Fund of the Arts of Argentina to train in puppet’s construction in Praga at Puppets in Prague.

Pali was part of LA COMEDIA DE HACER ARTE theatercompany and in various theater plays with ESSE ES PERCIPI company. As a clown she worked in schools, hospitals, theaters and festivals in Argentina, Bolivia and Europe.

Since 2005, she has been teaching workshops for kids and
adults in theater, in puppetry, in pop up and visual arts at
La Manzana theater, a teacher training institute and in his
own art studio.

She trained in different artistic languages with highly
renowned masters in Argentina and worldwide. In staging,
masks, stilts at Teatro de los Andes in Bolivia. In objects
theater with Pierrik Malebranche, Roberto White, Joan
Baixa, Ana Alvarado, Christian Carignon. In Clown with
Gabriel Chame, Philippe Gaulier, José Guirado, Johnny
Melville, Walter Velázquez.

12 06 2019 10:00—13:30
Where DAMU R202