Digital Character Drawing

In the digital character drawing workshop, costume designers will learn how to utilize a portable tablet with the touch screen as a digital sketchbook in the costume sketching process. Sketching with a stylus/finger on a touchable surface uses the same method as drawing with a pen on a paper; the line appears just where it is drawn and the costume designer is provided with all the multitude of tools of a touch-based device: colours, pencils, brushes, layers and a camera. Costume designers will discover they are able to retain their personal artistic touch while drawing on a touchable surface with a digitalized pen.

Workshop Leader Biography:
Kirsi Manninen, MA, is a Helsinki-based costume designer,
teacher of digital drawing and a doctoral candidate at the
Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.
The topic of her research is Creating a Character –
Thinking and Communication through Digital Costume.
She has specialized in costume design and rendering, and
is one of the pioneers of teaching digital drawing and its
techniques on the touch screen in Finland and abroad.

Kirsi’s current activities move fluently between research,
costume design and research-led teaching. Her career as a
costume designer includes over one hundred productions on television, theatre and film as well as circus, dance, shadow theatre, black theatre, puppetry, Beijing opera, ice dance, mask theatre and multimedia. She worked over thirty years as scenographer for Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth, contributing the visual identity of the rganization at an international level.

Her methodology as a costume designer has been the
subject of other academic research, Master’s Thesis: ‘The
Many Dimensions of Circus Costume – Kirsi Manninen as a
costume designer in Winter Circus’, Author of the Master’s
Thesis: Elisa Avikainen, University of Helsinki 2016, https://

She has had a solo exhibition celebrating her 25-years career as an artist at the Theatre Museum in Helsinki and has received a one-year artist grand from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

12—13 06 2019 10:00—18:00
Where DAMU S201