Prospective Actions (Catalonia 2004-2018)

If performative strategies are constantly enacted by states to sustain their power structures, we also see an increasing number of resistance actions being deployed by grassroots movements that rely on alternative performances of spaces and bodies, and which become able to inspire and challenge stage design.

Prospective Actions (Catalonia 2004–2018) is a participative multimedia installation that approaches this question ahead of six social conflicts that took place in Catalonia in the last 15 years, and which showcase a strong tension between police control and the opening up of new forms to use and produce public space. We invited six Catalan scenographers who started working in the nineties to help us think about these conflicts, as well as about the position of arts in relation to political struggles and the interweaving between the studio and the street.

A big round table becomes a board game, a stage for potential actions and a meeting point between two generations, separated by the breakout of the financial crisis and its impact on life, working conditions, and worldviews.

Country/Region Catalonia

Presenting Organization Organizer Institution and production: Institut del Teatre, Collaborating Institution: Institut Ramon LLull

Curator Bibiana Puigdefàbregas and Marta Rafa

Curatorial Team Roger Orra Munt

Artists Laura Clos Closca, Pau Masaló, Xesca Salvà, Marc Villanueva Mir

Team Invited scenographers: Anna Alcubierre, Paco Azorín,, Sílvia Delagneau, Max Glaenzel, Eugenio Szwarcer; Electronic design: Carlos Franke; Sound design: Gerard Valverde; Video: Alfonso Ferri

photo Alfonso Ferri