The Future Utopias Imaginarium

The Future Utopias Imaginarium at PQ is a kinetic, experimental laboratory space directly linked to the Staging Places Studio – the UK space in the Exhibition of Countries & Regions (
It will be populated and facilitated by a dynamic student and early career curatorial team selected from responses to a series of online and face to face provocations that established in countries and regions throughout the UK between November 2018 and June 2019, organised by the Society of British Theatre Designers and the Performance Design Education Collective.

How can we conceptualise the relationship between the virtual and the real, the imaginary and the realised?

How can we think of utopias in spatial terms, and space in utopian terms?

How might different kinds of media map new forms of utopian spaces?

Can performance design, an art form of experience, be approached as an act of prototyping imaginary futures that challenge existing realities?

Country/Region United Kingdom

Curator Fiona Watt

Curatorial Team Fiona Watt, Andreas Skourtis

photo Chuck Lowry