The Changing Room

The Changing Room is an immersive, interactive exhibition, which conveys the idea of imagination and how we interpret it. The imagination plays a significant part in theatre. The designers and artists become translators, using their imagination to bring the characters and sceneries alive.

Taiwan Student Exhibition aims to highlight this romantic process of the design and take the visitors on a journey. The exhibition contains two sections: the first section is like a fitting room, and the visitors can try on the costume of a character. They will start to feel the stories once they enter the changing room, and the more they are involved the deeper their understanding will be.

The second section presents the actual scene from the play so the viewers can have a clue of how the designers interpreted the script. The work we are going to present is by a young playwright. It is a local story that reflects the modern society in Taiwan. It’s our honor to introduce the concept of imagination with a lively story as an example.

Country/Region Taiwan

Curator Yen-Ying CHIANG, Yi-An WEY

Curatorial Team Hung-Yang CHEN, Huei-Yu KUO, Jhih-Yu CHEN, Wen-Liang CHEN, Chen-Ying KE, Wen-Qi LIU

Artists Yen-Ying CHIANG, Yi-An WEY, Hung-Yang CHEN, Huei-Yu KUO, Wen-Liang CHEN, Jhih-Yu CHEN, Wen-Qi LIU, Chen-Ying KE

photo Jhih-Yu CHEN, Yen-Ying CHIANG, Yi-An WEY