Abri d' idées / Ideas Shelter

A shelter will serve as a place of creation during this 2019 edition of the PQ. The space will be invested with a shelter surrounded by two wavelike walls holding a collective work, realized by Canadian and Quebec students.

A team of student will animate the shelter each day, creating a scenography inspired by the surrounded walls, represented by white circles, attached and superimposed, each containing a work of art.

The participating schools were therefore invited to create a model, becoming a work of art inspired by a text of theater having particularly marked them during the last five years.

Some circles could also represent the work of designers, performing artists, emerging artists, or company whose practice dates back to five years or less. (Alumni) or emerging indigenous artist.

Circles will also hold various material for the creation and development of an interactive scenography inside the shelter. Visitors are invited to join the student in this creative lab!

A "Making of" video will be record each day and presented at the end of the day.

As performance continues to explore and merge with the virtual and as scenographers continue to transform the ways in which space is imagined, the exhibit will strive to re-imagine the ways in which students and emerging designers extend their work digitally. We asked the participants, in addition to their material artifacts,to submit a short video or audio composition in which they extend the central ideas behind their creative work. These digital audio-visual pieces could have taken on a variety of forms, such as a visual or sonic poem, an animated short, a creation diary, a social media stream (such as an Instagram feed), a 360º video, an VR/AR experiment, an argument or a provocation. It could be almost anything!

All of the audio visual compositions will be presented as part of the exhibit’s augmented reality project, which seeks to innovate new ways of encountering scenographic practice. These digital compositions will also serve as part of the first contributions to a online database that will bring
together performance designers across Canada.

Country/Region Quebec

Curator Marie-Claude Pion

photo Marie-Andrée Lemire, Marie-Claude Pion, yxcvyxcv