New Message

A great adventure lies ahead! Through a cosmic dialogue there will be the telling of a tale which has likely never before been told on such a massive scale: the story of us. We dared to invite anyone who felt they can speak for themselves. We are not represented, we ourselves represent. It is the creation of a modern greeting aimed towards another civilization in unknown regions of the universe. We’ve sent thousands of invitations to people around the world to join our open call. From them we collected numerous images, sounds, videos, and movements that will be sent to Others out there, in space.

The variety of these forms is now being stored within a vast yet fundamental medium — water. According to many, the most representative component of every living creature on our planet and a substantial part of our bodies. In this extreme time of 2019, half-a-century since we landed on the Moon, we chose to diverge from limitation, aiming to encompass the world as a whole; and to save it within drops of liquid. When the moment arrives, it will either be sent out, or given back to nature — For Them / Us to know, who we were. In this laboratory we created, the New Message is being developed, shown, and continuously transformed as it enters its final liquid form.

The Polish project is a chance to create an egalitarian message of our world and our times, to see the double of our contemporaneity. Perhaps in this mirror-like reflection we will be able to find answers to the most enduring of our questions…

Country/Region Poland

Curatorial Team Tomasz W. Miśtura, Paweł Janicki (project supervision) , Krystyna Mogilnicka and Edyta Zielnik (project coordination)

Artists Anna Kaczkowska, Tomasz W. Miśtura, Elżbieta Kowalska, Anna Rogóż, Ewelina Lesik, Piotr Brożek

photo Tomasz W. Miśtura