Passing Through: Lines and Borders

By manipulating the formal qualities of sight and sound, this installation restructures the visa interview process Filipinos undergo when seeking entrance into a number of developed countries. It is an experience the artist herself underwent and is replicated in some other countries whose citizens seek to cross borders into more affluent, developed nations.

Upon wearing the headset, one is confronted by a barrage of questions that are highly-personal and intrusive. Surrounded by TV screens, the audience bears witness to how Filipinos of varying ages answer the seemingly endless set of questions, often struggling with their replies.

In this manner the exhibit tackles the subjects of mobility and migration and interweaves them with the theme of “Imagination, Transformation, Memory”.

Essentially when people strive to move from one space to another (in this case one country to another) they are moved to do so by a sense of imagination: of what could be, of what the “other” space could bring.

Yet the process of passing through “border gates and guardians” can be difficult, even torturous and the process affects people, transforms them. This transformation then is what this exhibit explores.

These are memories of people who imagined themselves moving hopefully from one space to another, only to be changed and transformed, often negatively, by the entire experience.

Country/Region Philipines

Curator Magdalena De Leon, Gabriel Fernando Fernandez

Curatorial Team Rutaquio Armando Jr., Joaquin Jose Aranda, Eric Dela Cruz, Ellawyn Rachella Cruz

Artists Ellawyn Rachelle Cruz

photo Lawyn Cruz