MOVING MEETINGS by Andrea Lindeneg explores spatial interdependency.

By sonically deconstructing – isolating - amplifying – reassembling – it seeks to hack and raise questions regarding mechanisms of movement in space.

It asks, how to create a space that is in constant movement - exploring not only what exists in the movement but what is left behind after the movement. A space constantly creating and erasing itself – leaving traces.

What is repetition in the context of movement? What does it mean to stay or to leave? Does a space have to be solid in order to be a space?

Can scenography be that which springs from an action - from an interaction?

The work will be a space for perceiving what surrounds it.

MOVING MEETINGS invites the audience members to step into a sound isolated box for one person at a time, exploring sonically amplified fragments of the movements in the larger exhibition area.

By stepping out of the exhibition area – isolating themselves visually inside the boxes – audience members are exposed to a soundscape to which they can only add themselves by again stepping into the exhibition area.

Thus the work will be in constant movement as a consequence of encounters – the audience members being the catalyzers of spatial interdependency and creators of the given space.

The audience members are welcome to stay inside the boxes for as long as they want and to return as many times as they want.

Country/Region Norway

Curator Karen Kipphoff

Curatorial Team Andrea Lindeneg, Jakob Oredsson

Artists Andrea Lindeneg

photo Andrea Lindeneg