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Dutch initiative = Global event

Scenography encompasses continuous interaction between past and present. Past actualities, stories, and myths are retold in many ways. Theatre - Is the medium slow?

The NL.project, Waltz2019 is a multiplier of real-world experiences collected through the Art of Slow Travel, Hospitality and Rituals. They include things that have no relevance in an illusionary or staged world, because they are always real. Fake kisses versus the real thing. Which of the two do you prefer? Practicing the impromptu attitude toward design and performance in Scenography. We’re on our way!

Welcoming centre opened to public is located at Railway station Bubny, Bubenská 177/ 8b, 170 00, Prague 7.

Welcome to Bubny!

Nádraží Bubny is the location for "Welcoming and Hospitality" performance of the project PQ WALTZ 2019. More than 80 international students that consist of "welcomers" and "hikers" will meet here. Nádraží Bubny is a former train station in Prague. During World War II, tens of thousands of Nazi regime victims were deported from here. Today, it is in the process of transformation into a modern centre for contemporary art and history, called the "The Memorial of Silence"; aiming at developing attitudes of tolerance, respect and joy towards the other.

PQ Waltz 2019 project will inhabit this historically loaded place in June as part of Prague Quadrennial 2019. Stefan Rusu will be leading the "Welcomer" students who designed a temporary "Welcoming and Hospitality Space"; they will build this design in the main hall of Bubny and perform "hospitality and welcoming rituals". We will receive the "Hiker" students who are reaching their destination after performing a "slow travel" all the way to Prague. On their way, they will be welcoming the unknown and the unfamiliar to their life and they will bring their artistic experiences to Bubny.

PQ WALTZ 2019 is the student project of The Netherlands as part of Prague Quadrennial 2019 and Nádraží Bubny is the official location of the project. We are opening the doors for the "welcomers" at 1st of June and for the "hikers" from 6th of June on. All Hikers and public are warmly welcome from 6th to 12th of June 2019.

Country/Region The Netherlands

Curator Trudi Maan, Anne Habermann

Curatorial Team Henny Dörr, Taciser Sevinc, Stefan Rusu, Florian Fischer, Guus van Geffen, Saskia Valk, Anna Luyten

photo Taciser Sevinc, Anne Habermann,