Talking Through Sound and Lights

- Living plant of Ro and Ju (Romeo and Juliet)

- Young scenographers found out “Ro and Ju’s" talks through the nature, trees and plants.

- “Ro and Ju” are expressing their feelings by light and sound. Their talks are melodic, pure and holy

- This art design exhibits their warm feelings, melancholy, destiny and endless space; strengths, courage, genuine passion

- Soft and fast, Bright but not shiny, nature but unalive.

Country/Region Mongolia

Curator AriunBold Sundui

Curatorial Team Ariunbold Sundui

Artists Ariungua Erdenebat, Bat-Erdene Batchuluun, Tuvshinjargal Tsend-Ayush, Batsaikhan Soyolsaikhan, Tsegts Ariunbold, Oyunnomin Munkhbold

photo Bat-Erdene