PQ Podcast Series Global Performance Encounters

PQ podcast series brings discussions with scenographers, directors, theorists, managers and other performing original arts thinkers around the globe. Presents the human dimension of performing arts in today’s world and connects your home with creative minds to stay inspired. 

The idea of PQ podcast series raised during spring 2020 as a response to the pandemic that closed us at home. And as such made impossible to meet our colleagues and friends from the intertwined performance and theatre world.

01 episode

What forms of collaboration in creative teams

Marketa Fantová, the artistic director of PQ, is talking with designer Sven Jonke. Sven is part of Numen, the collective working in the fields of conceptual art, scenography, industrial and spatial design. 

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02 episode

Intercultural management practice

In the episode, Michaela Buriánková, the PQ General Manager, invites Kathy Hong to speak about aspects of managing cultural organisations in Taiwan, about dealing with the pandemic situation, and about working in the national and international theatre community.

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03 episode

Close your eyes and say what surrounds you

The third episode of the PQ podcast series with Arnold Aronson, the theatre historian and professor of Theatre at Columbia University. He has a long association with the Prague Quadrennial since served as President of the jury, curator, general commissioner as well as the editor of The Disappearing Stage: Reflections. Last year, he was one of the PQ 2019 Ambassadors.

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